Once you have completed the initial DMT course you are required to undertake a refresher every two years prior to the expiry date of your previous course.

The six days refresher course will enable you to refresh your skills and knowledge in all areas formerly taught and to learn any new updates that have been made in the preceding two years.

Topics Covered:

  • Oxygen Administration

  • Patient Examination

  • Diving Related Illness: HPNS, Barotraumas, DCI

  • Casualty Handling Under Pressure

  • Control & Management of Dive Related Injury or Illness

  • Use of Defibrillator

  • Insertion of Chest Drain

  • Care of Medical Equipment/Record Keeping

  • Advanced Life Support

  • Anatomy & Physiology


Should you attend?

IMCA advise that all divers should hold this certificate.

There is an 12 weeks prior & 8 weeks after grace period either side of the certificate expiry date to complete the refresher course, after this time you must complete the full course to renew your qualification.


This certificate is valid for 2 years from date of issue

Course Duration

6 Days

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