Oxy-Kids is an academy that looks to improve kids mental skills by combining education and electronics

  • High skilled engineers will teach your kids the electronics with many applications and projects

  • Robotics programming

  • Robotics and electronics competitions to encourage kids

Electronics levels

Level 1 : Basic of Electronics

  • Resistance, Capacitor, Diode, Led, Regulator, and switches.

  • Bread board projects.

Level 2 : logic gates A

  • Numbers used in Digital Electronics: binary, hexadecimal, etc.

  • Logic gates: AND, OR, NOT, NAND as a universal gate.

  • Bread board projects.

Level 3 : Logic gates B

  • Logic gates: NOR, XOR, XNOR as a universal gate.

  • Bread board project on all logic gate

Level 4 : logic gates C

  • BJT ( Bipolar Junction Transistor)

  • BJT as switch .

  • BJT as pull up.

  • BJT as down resistors.

  • Bread board projects.

Level 5 : Digital circuits A

  • 7- Segment and its driver.

  • Identify, explain, and implement various types of circuits,  Decoder and other logic circuits.

  • Bread board projects.

Level 6 : Digital Circuits B

  • Identify, explain, and implement various types of timers and counter.

  • Bread board projects.

Level 7 : Electronics Software

Level 8 : Internal Competition

Level 9 : How to build your project? 


Robotics levels

Level 1 : Basic of programming.

Level 2 : Write a program and start the first robotic  project.

Level 3 : Robotic projects

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Oxy-Kids Academy

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